HGV Training In London

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March 7, 2017

HGV Training In London

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Before you consider HGV Training  in London, you must take into consideration, there are licence requirements which must be met.

  Also ensure you choose a reputable training school and not an agent: unfortunately, there have been many cases of agents taking large sums of money without providing any training.


To  become an HGV driver in London or any part of the UK for any class, you need to apply for your provisional licence, pass a medical exam to show your fit & healthy.

Theory test which is obviously different to normal theory test. (Click Here for more details)

Get the driver CPC certification, get your training from a DVLA approved instructor. Mr Kesh our main instructor  is highly accomplished with over 31 years’ experience in helping  thousands of successful students to train to  become HGV drivers in London and all over the U.K. The next step is to take a Practical test, and then Take 35 hours of periodic training every 5 years to stay qualified. The good news is that all your training can be achieved effortlessly  at St-Christopher’s Training

various HGV licence

There are four main categories of HGV licence:

  • Category C+E – the highest of all; drivers with this type of licence are permitted to drive the heaviest types of vehicles. This License permits driving of vehicles weighing more than 7.5 tonnes and with trailers more than 750 kg in weight.
  • Category C – this is typical HGV licences. It allows you to drive all kinds of vehicles from bin lorries to be lorries.
  • Category C1+E – with this licence you can drive vehicles between 3.5 tonnes and 7.5 tonnes in weight, with trailers weighing more than 750 kg.
  • Category C1 – the lowest of all licences, this is ideal for professional drivers who need only to drive small transit vans or trucks without trailers.

Age requirements for all types of license is 18 years of age.

You will require a full driving license

If you’re over 45, you need to renew your licence every 5 years until you’re 65, at which point your renewal needs to be annual.

Working Hours For An HGV Driver

HGV drivers’ hours are very strictly regulated. By becoming a driver through this training, you are also agreeing to keep track of your hours and to adhere strictly to the maximum number of driver hours you’re allowed to do within any time period. The hours you can drive will depend on several factors such as the type of vehicle you’re driving, and where you’re driving it. Make sure you know exactly which rules apply to you before every single journey. For more details on working hours, please download the HGV Drivers’ Working Hours, approved by DVSA.

You might also find that you drive throughout the night rather than in the day. This is quite common for European jobs, and you have a responsibility to make sure you adjust your lifestyle accordingly to stay alert at the wheel.

HGV Training In London

Although you may spend many hours on the road, driving an HGV is actually a great way to socialise with other drivers.  At the various truck stops around the UK you’ll meet people doing the same job as you, and if you’re doing regular European trips you may find yourself mingling with other passengers on ferries or trains between countries.

What kind of jobs can I do as an HGV driver?

The sky’s the limit when you’ve got your licence. You can move up through the licence categories if you like, taking on more and more responsibility. Drivers who transport dangerous goods, for example, can earn more than drivers who deliver consumer products. If you work for a company who deliver to Europe or beyond, you can find yourself going all over the world with all kinds of cargo, from food to rock stars’ touring gear.

What skills do I need?

Although the exams test you for all the vital driving skills you need, it also helps if you’re good with basic maths, patient, organised and careful, as well as being able to enjoy your own company for long periods when needed.

Earning Potential For HGV Drivers

This depends on many factors, category of vehicle driven, types of goods carried which part of the country you drive and finally your employer. Earnings start from 21,000 to 50,000.

If you would like to learn more about training to become an HGV Driver in London, feel free to contact us for an informal chat. Alternatively check here

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Mr. Kesh Instructor
Mr. Kesh Instructor
I’m Mr. Kesh founder and instructor of St Christopher’s Training. I am fully qualified DSA approved driving instructor and member of National Register of LGV Instructors Registration No: 990000116 with over 31 years’ experience.